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How Are Acrylic Nails Applied?

January 2022 | Daisy Boho Boutique

Are you tempted into trying acrylic nails for the very first time? As much as this look fun, the creepy fashion trend can be a hard one to pull off. Have you ever wondered how acrylic nails applied are? 

What if you cannot get them off? Are they easy to carry? What if it doesn’t stick right? well, hold your horses’ ladies but playing with acrylic nails is no joke. In addition, some things should better be left for the professionals only.

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So, how do they do it? Here is what you should know!

How Are Acrylic Nails Applied?

Acrylic nails are not like other average nail extensions that are glued to your natural nails. Rather, it involves an entire process of creating the nail itself. How?

If you have been lucky enough to see professional tutorials online, you must have seen the technician uses various nail accessories and nail supplies to curate some amazing nail masterpieces. Having said that, how is the magic done might be a mystery for some which are about to be unrevealed right now.

The nail technician first preps the natural nails for the extension. He/she then uses a foil cone with measurements and sticks it under the nail. This cone-type thing lets them build the right-sized nail as per the client’s requirement and hold it in place until the nail forms completely.

nails, nail art, nail polish, nail accessories, nail supplies, nail designs

The professional then uses acrylic liquid and powder to create the fake nail extension and lets it dry until the nail holds its shape. Sounds easy, right? but the process requires a lot of hard work and concentration because if done wrong, you’ll only end up wasting your money.

Once the acrylic nail is formed, the artist smooths out the edges, gives it a proper shape, and decorates it as you like, finishing it off with a topcoat for added protection and shine.

Although the process may take some time, the wait is always worth it! Moreover, for the best results, make sure you visit an experienced nail technician or else, you will be crying over the disaster.

Are Acrylic Nails High Maintenance and Difficult to Remove?

If maintenance and removing the extensions keep you away from trying it for once, do not hesitate because it is not that difficult!

Although nail extensions do require a little more care than your natural nails would need, it is not a hassle. By cleaning it regularly and not putting pressure on it, you will be making them last a lot longer than usual.

But what if you get bored with them too soon? You can always remove them! If you do not wish to visit a technician, which is highly recommended, dip your nails in acetone at home and pull them off gently. 

If it still does not come off, dip the fingers a little longer and their chip off easily. Or else, seek a professional for help because you will surely need a manicure after that to prep the nails for a new set next time!


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