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How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?

January 2022 | Daisy Boho Boutique

Did we say acrylic nails? Yes, we did and we certainly have caught your attention. Who does not know about acrylic nails these days? We doubt there is anyone! From vlogging celebrities to models at the fashion magazine covers, you will see everyone flaunting big, solid, and heavily decorated nails.

But are acrylic nails durable? Do you need to take care of them? Well, if you are thinking of getting fake extensions, here is everything you want to know about it!



How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?

When you spend hundreds of dollars on getting fake nails, you would not want to take them off the next day. You will wish them to last at least a week if not more. Therefore,, to your surprise, if gotten done from a good nail salon, acrylic nails can very well last 2 to 3 weeks unless you chip a corner or break one completely.

However, it comes with a condition! You need to maintain their health, clean them and take good care of these extensions so they can survive so long. Moreover, can you go more than the 2 to 3 weeks mark? 

Some women might even have carried their extensions for longer but these naturally grow out as your natural nail extends in length over time. Thus, you will surely need a new set of acrylic nails after a certain period.


How Can You Make Acrylic Nails Last Long?

Did you just get your nails done? Those fake nails look lovely and expensive too! So, unless you break it or get bored of the style, wondering how you can make these last long? Well, we might have some tips in store for you!

  1. Be Careful When Working Around the House

Oh, did you drop keys on the floor? Alternatively, do you need to do the dishes? Well, to ensure your fake extensions long last, make sure you do things around the house carefully. Whether it is as simple as picking up the keys or doing the dishes, do not put much pressure on your fake nails.

Moreover, do not use them to open your favorite soda cans or scratch surfaces because if done wrong, you will risk breaking them. Hence, be careful with the tasks around!

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  1. Do not put Pressure or Weight on Them

No matter how good of a nail technician you visit, these nails are not permanent which means they can break if put too much pressure on them. Like we already said, do not open cans with them and simply avoid picking things with your nails because no matter how strong are they fixed, they can always break off.

Thus, learn to use your fingers for work to avoid putting unnecessary pressure/ weight on your fake nails.

  1. Add a Generous Amount of Top Coat

Wonder why your nails look so shiny? The topcoat does the magic but this is not the only purpose it serves, a top coat also adds an extra layer over your fake nails hence, protecting them from chipping and other damages.

If you have just gotten your acrylic nails done and spent a fortune on it, remember to take care of them so they can last a little longer!

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