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Who Invented the Acrylic Nails?

January 2022 | Daisy Boho Boutique

Who does not like fake nails? With all the glitter and glamour, these extensions add spice to your look for either a party or a routine one. However, have you ever thought about how did they come into “being”?

Who was the genius behind the fake nails? Who gave the women another fun fashion trend to boost about? Bet you do not know! As much as women love acrylic nails, little is known about the inventor. When you’re enjoying unpacking new nail supplies and experimenting with nail accessories, do you ever think about who made it possible?


It was Fred Slack, the genius behind your favorite acrylic nails!

The Truth About the Invention

It is said that the biggest inventions are born out of the need of time, and hence, these acrylic nails share the same fate. But how did Fred come up with such an amazing idea? By accident!

As hard as it may be to believe, but Fred was a dentist, not an artist. Back in 1954, he broke his fingernail at work, and in desperate need of gluing it back, he experimented with different materials to find the perfect recipe for nail extensions.

Yes, fake nails date way back in history but only over the last few years has acrylic nails gained popularity. When Fred perfected the ingredients, he and his brother Tom applied for a patent. In addition, upon its approval, they opened their nail salon “Patti Nails” where the duo replaced natural nails with fake ones.

Later in the ’70s, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom experimented and invented the liquid and powder used in making acrylic nails. Thus, how a dentist invented a fashion accessory is amazing in itself. Moreover, this one idea has now branched into nail supplies, fashion accessories, and nail salons, giving people a new business opportunity.

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The Luxurious Acrylic Nails

From drag queens to celebrities, you must have seen hundreds of women showing off their long, beautifully decorated fake extensions. Yes, acrylic nails are a luxury that adds spice to your entire look.

However, is it only a luxury? A fancy add-on to your everyday/party look? Well, maybe not! Acrylic nails, to your disbelief, have their advantages. What are these? Fake nails help women get rid of their bad nail-biting habits, help fix broken nails and reduce breakages and nail splits. 

 Having said that, acrylic nails look amazing but if left too long without care; these can lead to problems as well. If you do not clean the nails or replace old ones with a new set of extensions, your natural nails may get damaged. The chemicals from the liquid/ powder may not be harmful but in the longer run, they may absorb into the skin and nails leading to problems that may require immediate professional attention.

However, this does not mean you cannot enjoy experimenting with new nail looks. Just remember to visit a good nail artist to get the nails done and take good care of them at home to avoid any problems later.


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