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Why Do Acrylic Nails Lift

January 2022 | Daisy Boho Boutique

Wow, those nails look super pretty! This is one compliment that you wish to hear from your friends when you get your nails done by a professional. But what if your nails do not come out as expected? What do we mean?


What not many ladies know is that acrylic nails can lift if not done correctly! Why do acrylics lift? When you are visiting a nail salon, getting your extensions done with proper nail supplies, and choosing from a variety of nail accessories, you wouldn’t imagine that something could go wrong later.


Unfortunately, things can go wrong with fake extensions and they can lift. Why does it happen and how can you avoid it? Let’s dig deep into the matter!


Why Do Acrylics Lift?

Now if you’ve spent all your pocket money on getting the nails done, you won’t bear the sight of the acrylics lifting. And here is why it happens:

1. Under or over-prepped Nails

The reason you visit a nail salon for acrylic nails is that professionals know how to carefully prep the nails so they can hold on tightly to the fake extensions. But of course, sometimes the professionals too can make an error.

One of the reasons why your acrylic lift is under or over-prepping the nails. If you clean the natural nails too much, or do not push the cuticle back enough or buff the surface more than required, remember, the acrylic nail won’t hold in place.

The fake extension may look great at the moment, but when the natural nail doesn’t act as a powerful base, the acrylic nail will soon lift. Hence, make sure you prep the nails carefully for the best results!

2. Over Filling the Acrylics

The worst an artist or you can do when doing acrylic nails is overfilling the extensions. Do not, and we repeat, do not put layers and layers of acrylic powder/ liquid to create the “perfect” nail because the natural nail won’t be able to hold the weight.

And as a result, the thick fake extension will start to lift and ultimately break off. Thus, make sure you swipe the liquid off the brush before sticking it in the acrylic powder. Moreover, apply only a few layers, not making it as thick as a trunk.

3. Applying Close to the Cuticle

Applying acrylic nails too close to the cuticle can ruin your hard work. Make sure you push the cuticle back while prepping the nail and when applying the acrylic powder, do so while keeping a little distance from the cuticle.

Remember, the cuticle is soft skin and hence won’t anchor the acrylic which may lead to its lifting after some time only.

4. Under or Over Using of the Primer

Just like you need glue to stick your fake lashes on the lash line, similarly, you need an adhesive agent to keep the acrylic nails fixed in place. Hence, the nail primer serves the very purpose.

But remember, use it too little or too much and the extension won’t fix. Make sure you apply just the right amount of primer to actively glue the acrylic to the natural nail so it doesn’t lift.

Avoid these few mistakes and you won’t see the acrylic lifting!


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