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About this item

  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION –Sold and Durable rubber coated high quality cast iron core. Solid Chrome plated knurled handle. No maintenance required, long lasting finish prevents rust. Flat hexagonal surfaces will prevent rolling and knurled handle prevents slipping
  • CONVENIENT - Use it wherever is most convenient in your home or in a commercial gym.
  • MULTI-USE- Build muscle, gain strength, and get ripped. Dumbbells are perfect for building muscles in arms, shoulders and back. Achieve a toned back, flat abs and sculpted arms with these versatile free weights. Perfect for overall health, balance, and weight management, they’re also great for aerobics, cardio, yoga, and strength-building.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: These dumbbells makes for a great birthday gift, holiday present, anniversary gift or any occasion for yourself or for a loved one.
  • Size : 3lb Pair, 5lb Pair, 8lb Pair, 10lb Pair, 12lb Pair, 15lb Pair, 20lb Pair, 25lb Pair, 30lb Pair, 35lb Pair, and 40lb Pair, 45lb Pair, 50lb Pair, 55lb Pair, 60lb Pair, 65lb Pair, 70lb Pair, 75lb Pair , 80lb Pair.
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