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  • 35 PCS Gel Nail Polish Set: This is a gel nail kit with super multi-color gel nail polish.It includes 32 bottles of classic gel nail polish (7ml each), 1 bottle of base coat, 1 bottle of no wipe top coat, matte top coat, a high-power professional nail lamp, and some nail manicure tools.the nail set has all the colors you need, You don’t need to go to a nail salon anymore, you can create all kinds of beautiful nail styles at home
  • 150W Super Fast Nail Lamp: It has 45 dual-light source lamp beads, which not only cures quickly but also cures nails without dead spots; it has an LCD display and 4 timer buttons, which make it more convenient for you to use; smart sensors, just put your hand in and the light will turn on Automatic light, release, the light will automatically go out. Suitable for professional salons and personal families
  • JODSONE All In One Nail Kit: the nail kit include a uv led nail lamp, 600 pcs 10 different sizes nail tips for acrylic nails professional, 9 colors gel nail polish (8ml/bottle) , 2 in 1 nail glue (8ml/bottle) top coat and 3 nail files. Easily to apply, Don’t waste money to salon.
  • Strong, Non-Crease & Multi-Size Nail Tips: the nail extension kit has 600 pcs nail tips. You will be able to use it for a long time. It has 10 sizes, 8 sizes each with 50 pieces, 2 sizes each 100 tablets. The numbers are 0-9. It is sturdy and uses high-quality acrylic material. When you fold it, there will be no creases after restoration.
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