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  • Multi-shape: Our nail diamonds are composed of 6 large special-shaped diamonds: butterfly, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, gem-shaped, etc.; 6 kinds of basic flat-bottomed small round diamonds; enough to meet your daily needs.
  • Premium material eye-catching: Our rhinestones are made of K9 glass, which has good hardness and gloss. After use, your nails will be dazzling and attract everyone's attention.
  • Wide range of applications: Our crystal diamonds are not only suitable for nail art, but also can be used to decorate eye makeup, mobile phones, bags, clothes, shoes, etc. They are simple to use and very convenient.
  • The flat back is easy to use: The flat back rhinestones are easy to use and easy to stick on the nails. The rhinestones are light and shiny, especially eye-catching. It is equipped with a small box with 12 grids for easy carrying.
  • High quality service: If you have any problems with your rhinestones please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to provide you with 100% satisfactory service within 24 Hours.
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