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About this item

  • 【New upgrade】The 0.7-inch wide opening is one of the largest opening nail clippers, so it is suitable for all kinds of thick toenail clipper and can easily deal with all kinds oflarge toenail clipper thick nail that are difficult to toenail clipper。
  • 【Absolutely Accurate】The fingernail clipper is a new generation of toenail clipper made with advanced technology, which can cut the nails at one time, and can also easily cut the toenails, and it can prevent nail clipper from tearing and embedded in the flesh to cause infection.
  • 【 IDEAL FOR THICK NAILS】 Perfect toe nail clippers adult for your thick or ingrown toe nails due to fungus, diabetes, paronychia, aging and other health concerns; wide jaw opens up to 15mm so you can easily trim even the toughest toenail.
  • [Updated and better] The updated design can better handle nail thick, very thick nails, and fungal-infected toenails. It is also equipped with a nail filer, which is a nail clipper set.
  • 【Exquisite Gift Box】The outer packaging is a delicate small tin box, which is a small gift that is carefully packaged.We promise a lifetime warranty without worries as we are always standing behind our product and service. Should you have any product problems, please feel free to contact us.
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