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About this item

  • Effectively prevent nail cracking, reduce epidermal wrinkles, promote healthy nail growth.
  • Our nail cuticle oil are made from pure natural oil ingredients, it is a high-quality nail nutrient oil.
  • ACRYLIC NAIL KIT: The acrylic nail kit contains 3 colors (clear pink white) acrylic powder, 30ML EMA acrylic liquid, 12 Pcs glitter acrylic powder, 12 Pcs glitter acrylic powder, false nail tips, 20pcs nail form and nail art tools. professional acrylic nail kit set with everything, include practice finger, acrylic nail brush glass cup, nail tips acrylic nails for you.
  • 27 Pcs Acrylic Powder: COSCELIA acrylic powder have amazing control with its ability to self level and adhere to the natural nail, use with monomer acrylic nail liquid create a protective layer. A variety of colors acrylic powder and methods of use come with a variety of tools.Ideal for both professional nail technician and DIY nail starter lover.
  • EMA acrylic liquid monomer: Acrylic liquid non-yellowing and superior adhesion, acrylic liquid monomer is formulated with U V stabilizers to ensure color clarity and prevent yellowing or dulling. It can ensure best bond to natural nail plate and ensures an impeccable shine without needing a primer.
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