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About this item

  • ☆▶ ⋚ Multi Function ⋛ Including 5 manicure pens, including 3 liner and 2 flat brushes, 5 different sizes (1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3mm) of point drill pens. A dual-purpose, one side is to draw lines, choose water drill, draw patterns on the tip of the nail. On the other side, use a point drill pen to make dots of various sizes. You can develop your ideas on your nails and draw patterns such as dots, swirls, thin lines, flowers, 3D painted patterns and lattices. It's a great feeling !
  • ☆▶ ⋚ High Quality ⋛ Our nail brushes have strong bristles and ergonomic handles with colorful rhinestones. With a durable alloy and acrylic body, this brush is made to last. When there are many brushes, it is also easy to identify and distinguish.
  • ☆▶ ⋚ Save Space In Your Vanity Bag ⋛ These compact and light weight brush set will occupy minimum space in your pouch and follow you easily on your weekend trips, travels and holidays.
  • ☆▶ ⋚ Easy To Clean ⋛ After using the brushes to apply glitter, gel, can use alcohol or acetone or baby shower gel to clean up the bristles fabulously with little effort.
  • ☆▶ ⋚ Practical Gift ⋛ This easy-to-use brush set is a great gift for professionals, beginners, family DIY or artists. You can use this acrylic brushes for nails to draw satisfied patterns to show different charm! Strength favors your family or friends you want to give away.
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