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About this item

  • ✦ Twelve Constellation Nail Stickers ✦ Each zodiac symbolism an unique personality. Dynamic Aries, Dependable Taurus, Versatile Gemini,Intuitive Cancer, Fiery Leo, Gentle Virgo, Fair-Minded Libra, Brave Scorpio, Generous Sagittarius, Disciplined Capricorn, Imaginative Aquarius, Artistic Pisces. Don't hesitate to combine the stickers and lucky colors on your nails!
  • ✦ DIY Nail Art ✦ Perfect to work with Mity rain zodiac nail charms, add some stickers & decals, elegantly dotted in the blank that you'll get an awesome acrylic nails.
  • ✦ Sparkling Material ✦ Gold metal nail decals, glittering and durable, so soft that fits perfectly on the nail surface. If the nails stickers are folded, just press them to work well.
  • ✦ What You Will Get ✦ 600pcs in a box, each zodiac nail stickers has 50pcs. (approx 5-10mm) mini size and shiny, enough to meet your nail art needs.
  • ✦ How To Use ✦ The gold nail glitters is not sticky so needs to used with nail glue or nail gel top coat. It will keep working for a long time after lighting.
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