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About this item

  • SOFTENING CUTICLE OIL - This cuticle oil enhanced with almond and ginseng moisturizes the nail and the cuticle to make the cuticle softer and less dry. Almond contains Vitamin E and keeps your skin cells healthy and protects from UV radiation damage.
  • IMPROVES THE LOOK OF NAILS - By softening the cuticle and moisturizing the nails, the nails will look healthier and stronger and not dry and cracked. Ginseng helps to plump and firm the skin and nails, helping them become healthier overall.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST NAIL DAMAGE - Dry and brittle nails and cuticles can cause extreme damage to the nails and lead to cracking and flaking. Cuticle oil protects the nails by reducing cracks and dryness, restoring it to health. It can increase circulation around the nail and stimulate nail growth!
  • ENHANCES HEALTH AND APPEARANCE OF THE NAIL - When cuticles are extremely dry where the nail and cuticle separate, cuticle oil can provide a repair to this and protection for the nail. With moisturized and softened nails, the nails will appear healthy and young, free of cracks and dryness.
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