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  • 💝Acrylic Nail Kit with Everything: This Acrylic Nail Kit includes 3 basic acrylic powder(pink, white, clear),12 colorful acrylic powder, 6 glitter powder, 75 ML Monomer Liquid, 500pcs False nail tips, Acrylic nail brush, Glue, other manicure tools. This acrylic nail kit with everything, perfect nail kit for both professional nail technician and DIY nail starter lover.
  • 💝Nail Extension & Acrylic Flowers: The acrylic nail kit included 3 basic colors acrylic powders: clear, white and pink. You can use the nail powder design different style nail art, nail carving, building nail extension, adhesive rhinestones and other decorations.
  • 💝High Quality &Long Lasting: Our acrylic nail powder are manufactured using only natural ingredients with non-yellowing formula, Earth-friendly, low odor, non-toxic, and non-irritating to the skin. Bubble-free polymers, providing flawless consistency, superior adhesion, and exceptional strength, enhancement nails,natural Looking. Usually can last about 3-4 weeks or more time with right application.
  • Get Surprising Nail Art Effect: This nail art product set contains 3 products: Nail Prep, Max-Strength Primer and Tempered Top Coat. Help you complete various styles of nail art and give your nails the strongest base and the most shiny and durable top.
  • Maximize The Adhesion:This set includes nail prep and Max-Strength nail primer. Superior Bonding Primer can strengthen adhesion of the gel or powder of your nail. Realize the no lifting and long lasting effect. Use this duo set to have the set the foundation for great nails!
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