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  • Gorgeous and Amazing Set: The colorful acrylic powder will bring you a different personal image, you can DIY it and match it to create your own style, which can be perfectly adapted to your needs on different occasions.Without liquid monomer,please work it with liquid monomer(any brand).
  • Durable & Long-Lasting: Acrylic powder has excellent adhesion, which will enhance the hardness of the nails and promote the nails to be firmer. It is not easy to crack and fall off after completion, it will keep your nails beautiful for a longer time, and you can do manicures less frequently
  • Convenient & Time-Saving: Nails made of acrylic powder can be dried quickly and cured naturally without the need for a professional nail lamp, which avoiding the risk of darkening the skin and damaging the skin caused by the nail lamp, reducing the waiting time and cumbersome process
  • RELIABLE ACRYLIC NAIL BRUSH: Assembled with strong glue between metal tube and bristles, firmly connected will not fell apart during use.
  • FRIENDLY DESIGN: The pure sable hair is crimped at the base to create a bowing in the center of the brush which gives it a flattering shape without compromising the round tip. Helps you work faster when applying acrylic.
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