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  • 【NATURAL PERPECT EYELINE SHAPE】Glides along the lash line with no tugging, dragging, or pulling,Designed to achieve multiple eye enhancing techniques including classic, winged liner, tight-lining and more. Novice or expert, give eyes a bold, glamorous statement!
  • 【QUICK & EASY APPLICATION】Save time on your makeup with the Flawless Eyeliner Tool. Our high quality SINGLE brush set provides exquisite brush control for eyeliner application, as well as all gel waterproof products that achieve sexy eyes and winged liner looksnude or color pigments for amazing liner looks.
  • 【EASY-TO-HOLD HANDLE】Our brush handles are easy to grip, maneuver, and handle. Whether you are trying to create fine lines on your lashes or trying to reach hard and tricky parts of your eyes, our brushes deliver the smooth look you?re looking for while remaining soft and gentle on your skin.
  • 【LONG-LASTING WEAR】Waterproof and sweat proof, the long-lasting formula of the Flawless Eyeliner Tool holds up through a day of adventures for all-day glam. Say goodbye to smudging and the unintended raccoon-eye!
  • 【EASY TO USE】Glide the tip applicator across the top surface of your eyeliner. Unlike traditional creams, The unique formula is pressed to create a rich, but firm, balm-like texture that pairs perfectly with the Wand. For best results, avoid dipping or digging into the formula with your Wand. Instead, glide along the surface. On first use, you may find it helpful to glide the applicator a few times. After that, one or two swipes is all you'll need!
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