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  • #35000 RPM Max#: This nail drill comes with a control knob that helps you change the speed subtly and gradually from 0 rpm to 35,000 rpm. With a high torque, the dill keeps spinning even when applying on acrylic nails with pressure. It’s ideal for both professional manicurists and newbies who polish their nails at home.
  • #2000 mAh Battery#: After 2 hours’ charging time, it’s capable of working for 10 hours at the highest speed. The power it offers is as consistent as any wired machine, but in the meantime, it’s more portable, small-sized enough to be placed in your bag or hanged on your pants with a belt clip.
  • #LED Screen#: You can clearly know the rotating speed, rotating direction and battery status from the screen. F-Forward for right-handed users and R-Reverse for left-handed users. The screen helps you know exactly how your work is proceeding, a must-have for beginners and those who want everything well-prepared.
  • #Powerful Handpiece#: The handpiece is light weight to avoid pressure on your wrist, easy for you to control and maneuver. It does not vibrate and emit much noise. There are ventilation holes to dissipate heat and a twist lock chuck for bits replacement. You can tell whether the bit is in place with a little dot.
  • #Acrylic Nail Clippers# You can get 3 different nail shapes (well-cut, straight-edge, round edge) with this nail tip cutter. It’s strong and sharp enough for acrylic nails with two metal strips to lever thick nails. Cutting couldn’t be any easier.
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