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  • BUILD MUSCLE EASILY: The Echelon Dumbbells are perfect for building muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back. Weighing in a 2 pounds you will feel the burn. This offer comes with two Echelon Dumbbells weighing in a 2 pounds each.
  • MULTIPLE USE: The Echelon dumbbells can be used for multiple classes on the Echelon fit app. Get a full body workout with the Echelon Dumbbells from the comfort of your own home.
  • EASY STORAGE: The Echelon Dumbbell set takes up minimal space and the Smart Connect Bikes comes equipped with a dumbbell holder. Your fitness is literally right at your fingertips
  • THE ECHELON EXPERIENCE: The Echelon line is made so you can fully immerse yourself with live studio classes from the comfort of your home. The Echelon Fit app offers 24 hour live and on-demand fitness classes.
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