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  • 【The blade is sharp and safe to use】The blade is made of stainless steel alloy metal and hidden in the machine, which is trimmed while sharpening, and when the skin touches the blade, the blade will stop working.
  • 【Recyclable chargeable use】Charged by the USB interface, it can be used for 6-7 hours for half an hour without complicated battery replacement.
  • 【Clean and hygienic】 The clipped nail clippings are stored, avoiding the trouble of spattering nails caused by traditional nail clippers.But it is not suitable for cutting hard toenails.
  • 【Applicable to a wide range of people】 Since it doesn't hurt the skin, it's ideal for babies with delicate fingers, elderly people with limited mobility, and adults who are hygienic.
  • 【Excellent Gift】This electric nail clipper is very suitable as a gift for the elderly, toddlers, babies, colleagues, friends. The meticulous care is the most memorable.
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