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About this item

  • Deep Hydration and Restoration: Embrace your age with grace and smoothing hydration. Encourage collagen production and the soothe pigment of the precious skin that defines you.
  • Refreshing and Soft: Apply a layer of Rose Body Oil from head to toe and experience pure bliss. The texture is lightweight and won’t clog pores, but rather absorbs naturally into your skin cells to deliver potent and powerful hydration and vital nutrients for superior skin care.
  • Light and Pleasant Scent: The soothing rose fragrance captures the wonderful essence of a fragrant rose garden. It reminds the body to slow down and perks up the mind for creativity and learning.
  • The Best at Hydration: With our selection of wholesome oils, your body will experience a parade of moisture locking benefits. Massage it into your wet skin after a warm shower or add a few drops to your bath to experience smooth and soft skin.
  • Nutrition Packed Ingredients: Natural oils are selected for their immense skin care benefits. For example, shea oil increases collagen production while sweet almond oil fights free radicals with powerful antioxidants. And the scent of rose essential oil is simply divine.
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