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  • Ice Globes for Facials: Use our cold globes for facials and as an effective in-home spa treatment. These beautifully crafted ice globes for face cools your skin for a soothing effect that encourages blood circulation. Try out your new professional facial ice frozen balls for face massage to feel and see the difference of relaxed, firm, brighter, and even-toned skin.
  • Cold Globes for Facials: Try out these beauty globes and face cooling globes for DIY skincare regime of your dreams. Each icing facial glass globes gives you a cooling massage anytime you want. You can also use the ice globe for facial reinforce your existing routine, bring more oxygen to the blood, and reduce dark spots. Now talk about cooling globes for face with more bang for your buck.
  • Facial Globes for Even Skin Tone: Unlike other facial ice globes and ordinary facial globes face massage, ours support your skin's inherent turnover process. When combined with your other products, each face ice globes for ice facial may help reduce your wrinkles and puffiness. Indeed, a younger-looking version of you waiting after consistent use of our facial globe.
  • Face Massager Beauty Globes: Give yourself a cooling, relaxing face massage, thanks to our face globes and frozen derma globes' portable and easy-to-use design. Put the icy face globes inside the fridge and wait for five minutes. Take out the facial cooling globes and you now have access to a personalized facial massage that'll give you a relaxing way to uphold your beauty. Yes, it's possible with our derma globe!
  • Facial Ice Globes: These cryo massage globes for face are just exactly what you need. Reduce puffiness of your eyes and get rid of uneven skin tone with these globes facial glass globe. Users of our ice globes for face massage and facial cooling massager to amp up your serum, cream, essential oils and facial mask. The cold facial globes help you absorb and maximize the benefits of these products.
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