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About this item

  • 💛【QUALITY KOLINSKY SABLE HAIR】 JOSLOVE acrylic nail brush is made of high quality kolinsky hair, the sables does not easily fall off and can be used for a long time. It's a perfect choice even for beginners and professionals.
  • 💜【DENSE AND REMARKABLE】JOSLVE acrylic nail brush is dense enough, remarkable soft and paddy, with great brushing feeling. Compared with ordinary nylon nail brushes, it is more professional, with good ductility and better coloring. Each Hair Is 100% Kolinsky, silver ferrule design holds the hair firmly, strong and durable, no shedding hair.
  • 💙【STANDARD BRISTLES LENGTH】JOSLVE nail art brush strictly adopt the international standard bristles length requirements. With Longer bristles, could dip more acrylic powder. Giving you more fun during DIY nail art.
  • 💚【NATURAL WOOD HANDLE】High-End, classic wooden pen, the most stable, durable and sweat resistance hardwood. Acrylic nail brush sturdy and smooth control in hand. UV printed handle, is more smooth, and can prevent paint peeling. Comfortable to hold and easy to clean.
  • 💖【WARM TIP】Before the first use, please wash acrylic nail brush with brush solution liquid or acrylic liquid. Acetone is not recommended. And wash acrylic nail brush immediately after use, with brush cleaner or liquid monomer, clean the residual gel on brush. With proper use and care will extend the brush’s life.
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