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About this item

  • Karlash Premium Cuticle oil is made of with the highest quality ingredients. Our products are used in the most luxurious salon spas. Our Premium Cuticle Oil will nourish, soothes and moisturizes your cuticles and stimulates the skins.
  • Our Cuticle oil is silky smooth and does have a light, balanced, sweet scent.
  • Karlash Cuticle oil is made with Vitamin E. It acts as an antioxidant to help protect against free radical damage to your nails. Vitamin E will Nourish your Cuticles and also Strengthen Your Nails .
  • Made in USA. Our cuticle oils are made in small batches to ensures the highest quality, freshness and efficacy.
  • This set come with a 0.5 oz bottle with a dropper and a 2ml cuticle pen which is perfect for travel.
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