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About this item

  • 4MM WIDE JAWS for thick toe nails. Toenail clipper handle is reinforced for extra strength when pressing down on extra tough, hard, thick, fungal or diabetic nails. Large specialized professional design for easy grip, non-slip action with good leverage.
  • CURVED EDGE SHARP BLADES for versatility. Easy to use on both thick toenails and tough fingernails. For a straight edge, please check out the Kohm WHS-448L Straight Blade Heavy Duty Toe nail Clipper model.
  • CUSTOM DESIGN toenail clippers for solid construction and durability. The WHS-440L’s Thick Toenail Clippers large size is comfortable and ergonomic to use. Thick body and cutting blades are made from stainless steel for sharpness and precision cutting. Extra strong toenail clipper handle is constructed with zinc alloy.
  • SWINGOUT NAIL FILE/CLEANER/RASP for convenient smoothing and cleaning of freshly cut, manicured and pedicured nails.
  • FOR USE in professional settings such as nail salons for manicures and pedicures, chiropody and podiatry offices, as well as at home by young adults, men, women, seniors, athletes and everyone in between who suffer from thick nail growth which can be caused by fungus, diabetes, age or a host of other conditions.
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