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  • FOR THE HOME, OFFICE OR HEALTHCARE: Perfect for home use, baby or senior care, healthcare personnel or beauticians, these premium quality dry, disposable paper wipes are the first choice for removing dirt, while treating your skin with excellent care. Gentle for sensitive skin, they can be used for a variety of purposes such as diaper changes, incontinence, bathing, face and body cleansing, removing of eye-makeup and so much more!
  • ULTRA SOFT AND EXTRA DURABLE: Designed to cater for the needs of healthcare professionals, these non-moistened, personal care towels are super durable and ideal for use in nursing homes, schools, hospitals or senior centers. Ultra-soft and versatile, they are perfect for the sensitive skin of babies or fragile skin of seniors. Plus, they are particularly absorbent for a great variety of uses.
  • NEVER DRY OUT, EASY TO MOISTEN: Made of premium quality, soft spun cotton, these disposable, non-flushable sanitary wipes are unscented and chemical-free without irritating the skin, even in the case of moisture-based skin conditions in bed-ridden patients. Unlike common wet wipes, which dry out and cannot be used anymore, these ultra-soft washcloths can easily be moistened with water or soap whenever needed.
  • STAY PREPARED AT ALL TIMES: Conveniently packed in a set of 90 dry paper wipes, they will last you a long time, making sure you always have some available! Their generous size [12.5'' x 11''] makes them easy to use on the face, hands or body, multiple times a day. Simply keep a pack in your bathroom, bedroom, in the car or at work and be ready for whatever comes your way! Use with a dispenser or as they are.
  • ORDER RISK FREE: Here at Medpride we stand fully behind our products and trust in their premium quality and performance. This allows us to offer you a 30 day, Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee in case you are not fully satisfied. With nothing to lose but lots to gain, what are you waiting for?
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