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  • Cuticle Clean Nail Drill Bit: Professional design for cuticle removing, sidewall dead skin cleaning, and nail preparation. Perfect manicure preparation tool for nail salon and professional nail tech.
  • Inverted Backfill Nail Bit: Angled and larger on the top, smaller circumference at the bottom. With the shape of inverted cone, this backfill nail drill bit can be used to carve out the smile lines, trim the form, or remove cut the acrylic artificial nails.
  • Safety Anti-Dust Nail Drill Bit: The shaft of the bit goes inside the collet instead of being pulled out, no sharp edge design prevents your skin from hurt, much safer than the others. All chips run in one direction, the nail drill bit creates less flying dust even at high speed.
  • 4X Coarse Nail Drill Bit: With 4X Coarse design, this extremely coarse nail bit can unexpectedly fast remove cut sharpen the acrylic nails, hard nails, gel extensions, thick nails, and dip powder with little pressure, makes your nails remove like a breeze. Excellent cutting removing performance for professional use.
  • 5 in 1 Multifunction Nail Drill Bit: The drill bit has three different coarseness of grits, multifunctional for acrylics or hard gel nails polishing. The round top can use for cuticle removal and prevent your skin from hurt. The nail bit has Fine Grit on the top, Medium Grit on the middle, and Coarse Grit on the base of the bit, all-in-one nail drill bit allows you for multi-purpose nail file.
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