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About this item

  • Nail Clippers Set-Miloethan nail clippers set contains a nail clipper and nail file. The nail clipper with large opening are convenient for trimming thick nails and toenails. The nail file can modify the edges of nails
  • Wide Opening-This is a super Wide Opening nail clipper, the maximum opening is 18mm. When cutting thick nails, the handle will provide enhanced strength, easy to cut nails, professional ergonomic design, good anti-slip performance
  • Sharp Edge-You can cut thick nails at one time without leaving the edges of the nails, High-quality stainless steel will not leave the edge with chipping marks
  • Strong Magnet Design-There is an iron-absorbing stone design on one side of the nail clippers, and the middle fulcrum can be well controlled when not in use
  • Nice Packing-When you get this set of nail clippers, you will also get a beautiful tin box, it can helps you to store it
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