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  • 💅【QUICK BAKING GLUE】 -- This UV nail lamp has 48W high power, dual light source 365/405nm, baking glue evenly, no shrinkage,make nail or led gel smarter drying. Our UV light for nails protects your skin from getting sun burnt and does no harm to your eyes. Applicable to almost all glues, such as primer, topcoat, color glue, hard glue, generator, acrylic, sculpture glue, gem glue, etc.
  • 💅【4-SPEED ADJUSTMENT, ONE-KEY TIMING】 -- The new version of LED UV nail dryer is suitable for your sensitive skin, and has 10s/30s/60s/99s four-speed timing device, and 99s is the new version of low heat, the low heat design delivers a painless curing process without damaging your nail or skin, ensure a safe and comfortable experience.
  • 💅【DUAL LIGHT SOURCE LAMP BEADS】 -- 24 pieces of UV/LED dual light source lamp beads are reasonably distributed, which can shorten your drying time and can be more suitable to illuminate each position of the nail.You will easily get beautiful nails because of our gel nail lamps.
  • 💅【INTELLIGENT INFRARED SENSOR】 -- Our professional gel UV LED nail lamp don’t need manual operation, stretch out your hand to open, human body induction, only light up for you when you need it,it takes your manicure and pedicure experience to a whole new level, ideal for both home and salon use.
  • 💅【COMFORT SPACE + HEAT DISSIPATION DEVICE】 -- The new version of the Finger and toe nail dryer adopts the design of separation of hands, the posture is more natural and comfortable when waiting, and the LED nail lamp’s surface has heat dissipation holes to effectively prevent the body from overheating, and the non-closed design will dissipate heat rapidly.
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