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  • Nail brushs: The brush head is made of nylon wool, with good polymerization, not easy to split ends, not easy to shed hair, high flexibility, comfortable hand feeling, and easier to operate.
  • Product advantages: nylon brush, steel tube silver pen holder, wooden penholder, a set of 6 pieces, diverse functions, free choice
  • Brush features: professional gel nail brush tool, 6 different brush heads, you can draw different patterns such as lace, broken petals, cherry blossoms, butterflies, patterns, ripples, etc. according to different brush heads. In addition, each brush head has its own The casing is protected to prevent bifurcation.
  • Application: Nail brushes are very suitable for professional nail salons and home DIY nail art, suitable for nail experts and nail art learners to decorate your nails.
  • Easy to clean: Use a brush to apply glitter. After the gel, you can use a cleaning solution to clean it. Try to put it in a dry place and keep your brush away from direct sunlight. Before storage, dry it as much as possible with paper towels and shape it. Provide proper care and cleaning, can be reused
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