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  • Nail starter kit for beginners: The set comes with 15 pieces nail art brush set, 5 pieces nail dotting tools, 4 sheets 3D butterfly nail art stickers, 1 box clear nail rhinestone, 1 box color nail art rhinestone, 1 box nail art foil flakes, 10 rolls 10 colors 1mm nail art striping tapes, 1 piece tweezers for picking stickers and rhinestones .
  • Nail art brushes and Nail pens: 15 nail brushes (including liner brushes, fan brushes, oblique brushes, and flat brushes), they are great for painting things on your nails and also for acrylic painting. Double-headed nail dotting tools come in sets of five with different sizes of 10 heads are used to make dots of various sizes on your nail using your nail polish. They help in creating dots, and also help in creating some easy nail designs.
  • 3D Butterfly Nail Art Stickers: The stickers are flexible and come with strong adhesive backing. Easy to disassemble and change patterns at any time. They are like real Butterfly for your nails. Butterfly nail art stickers are easy for beginners to use and instantly make your nails look like you have had a professional manicure. Size: 10.5*8cm.
  • Nail Art Rhinestone: 1 Box Clear Nail Diamond(1.5mm-3.0mm) and 1 Box Color Nail Art Rhinestone(2mm) add different sizes, colors and shapes of rhinestones in your stash. They add bling and glamour to your nail art. you can create so many different looks, from super-glamorous to girly to a little bit tough.
  • Nail Art Foils and Nail Art Striping Tapes: 1 box nail foil flakes in gold and silver color that is used for decorating your nails, making them shiny in any way you want. Nail art striping tape in a variety of colors to suit every client and meet all of your nail art design ideas. Easy to creates perfect straight line designs on nails.
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