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  • Nail Art Tool Starter Kit: 15 pcs Nail Art Brushes, 5 pcs Dotting Tools, 5 sheets 3D Self-Adhesive Butterfly Nail Art Stickers, 1 Box Crystal Clear Rhinestones, 1 Box Color Nail Art Rhinestones, 1 Box Nail Art Gold and Silver Foil Flakes, a Tweezers for picking stickers and rhinestones, a Mini Nail Dust Brush, 10 rolls 10 colors 1mm Nail Art Striping Tapes.
  • Nail Art Brushes & Pens: Each brush has its own use. It comes with 15 nail brushes (including liner brushes, fan brushes, oblique brushes, and flat brushes), five double-ended dotting tools. They are great for painting things on your nails and also for acrylic painting. Dotting tools help in creating different sized dots and also help in creating some easy nail designs.
  • 3D Self-Adhesive Butterfly Nail Art Stickers: These Butterfly Nail art stickers come with strong adhesive backing. They are easy for beginners to use and instantly make your nails look like you have had a professional manicure. They are very thin, just like real Butterfly for your nails. Attenion: You should apply them on dry nail polish and seal them with a fast dry topcoat.
  • Flat Back Crystal Rhinestones for Nails: 1 Box Crystal Clear Rhinestones(1.5mm-3.0mm) and 1 Box Color Nail Art Rhinestone(2mm), these round, multi-faceted beauties are available in several different colors and degrees of dazzle. Accessorize your entire nail or affix an eye-catching spray of shimmer and shine. You can create so many different looks. Use as many or as few crystals as you like.
  • Striping Tape and Foil Flakes for Nail: These Striping tapes are very thin and help in adding metallic lines in your manicure. The gold foil is super light and looks very interesting on the nails. These items are fine for decorating with variety. And use the tweezers in this set , you can grasp and handle small embellishments firmly and easily.
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