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About this item

  • 4PCS HIGH QUALITY NAIL CLIPPER SET - This is a 4-piece high quality stainless steel nail clippers set. Our nail clipper set comes with a staight edge toeanil clippers, a curved edge fingernail clippers, a slant edge ingrown nail clippers and a nice high quality nail file, including almost all the necessary tools for trimming nails. You can confidently buy several sets for yourself, friends and family as gifts or stocking stuffers for Christmas.
  • SHARP AND PERFECTLY ALIGNED BLADES - As an essential function of a good nail clipper, the blades of our nail clippers are extremely sharp and perfectly aligned. This allows them to provide you with a very comfortable trimming experience, and you can trim your nails easily without using too much effort.
  • STRAIGHT & CURVED & SLANT CUTTING EDGES - Yes, that's right! This set of our nail clippers contains three nice high quality nail clippers with different types of cutting blades, the large straight one for your toenails, smaller curved one for fingers and slanted one for ingrown nails. You can make a perfect choice according to your own nail trimming needs.
  • NICE HIGH QUAILTY METAL NAIL FILE - It can be quite certain that there is a separate nail file in our TOP TENG nail clipper set. This metal file is made of good quality and has a tapered point that is good for cleaning under your nails, nice to have to help polish any sharp edges and clean any debris from underneath your nails.
  • KINDLY REMINDER: Since our nail clippers are too sharp, which is easy to go too deep and slice off skin. We must remind you to be very careful when using the clippers. Please take a moment to learn how to trim your nails properly when using for the first time.
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