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  • ✅[NOURISHES AT A DEEPER LEVEL THAN CUTICLE OILS] - With cumulative benefits of cuticle oil, cuticle cream and cuticle butter in mind, we tested different products that are on the market and we discovered the weaknesses and made an improved and unique product that delivers a higher concentration to the nail bed
  • ✅[SEE VISIBLE RESULTS INSTANTLY] - Onsen Secret Cuticle Serum results in a beautiful shine the moment you use it on your nails
  • ✅[NATURALLY ENRICHED HAND CREAM] - Onsen's white pagoda hand cream is infused with Japanese pagoda tree flowers, Wasabi Flavone, Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid that reduces irritation and redness, clarifies skin imperfections, leaves hands feeling ultra-smooth and hydrated, keeps skin plump and hydrated
  • ✅[SILKY FINISH ANTI AGING SKIN CARE] - This anti-aging hand cream is everything you want for your hand and nail care. Let this non-greasy cream, protect your skin from oxidative stress caused by UV exposure while increasing collagen quality and moisture retention, giving your hands a forever-young, silky finish
  • ✅[HAND REPAIR CREAM FOR DRY HANDS] - This moisturizing hand cream with shea butter is perfect for dry and cracked hands that suits all skin types as well. Gentle on your skin and soothing to your core, this hand lotion is designed to provide you with maximum comfort
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