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About this item

  • Exquisite Design made with High-Quality Stainless Steel (made in Korea): This product is built with a high density, premium-grade stainless steel that will remain retain its sharpness after countless uses.
  • No Mess No Splash: No splash design keeps your clippings from splashing so you don't need to worry about the clippings creating a mess.
  • UltraSharp & Precise Cut: The perfectly engineered blade delivers a precise cut with each clipping The natural curve of the blade helps to create a perfectly shaped-nail
  • Specifically Made for Fingernail: With its compact design Steinder Fingernail Clipper is tailored made for fingernail cutting.
  • Salon Grade Quality: To trim your nails like a salon professional, start clipping from each side of your nail and clip towards the middle.
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