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About this item

  • Package includes 4x5 kg, 4x2.5 kg, 6x1.25 kg, 6x0.5 kg weight plates, 2x13.8 inch dumbbell handles, 1x59.6 inch barbell (after assembly), 1x connector, 6x collars. The full set weighs 50kg (carry case included)
  • Weight plates are made for durability with Chrome finish to prevent rust & corrosion. Accommodate all 1-inch handles and go great with the set’s dumbbell handles which feature a contoured, knurled design for a better, firm grip
  • The steel connector helps to turn two short barbells into one long barbell easily and quickly in mere seconds, providing variety to your workout routine. The dumbbell set is easy to combine with a weight bench, press bench, barbell rack or squat rack
  • Spinlock collars are included with easy on / easy off knobs to offer a more consistent, locked-on and comfortable hold, making strength workouts with weights more safe and efficient
  • Take seconds to assemble & take out. Compact, convenient, and easy to use and store. Ideal to sculpt your muscles, build stamina & speed up metabolic rate. Perfect for overall health, weight management, cardio, and strength building
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