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  • πŸ”₯ EXTENSION GEL NAIL KIT - SXC COSMETICS Butterfly Series comes with 24W LED Lamp, 10pcs 15ML extension gel, 6pcs 3D Butterflies. 1x Butterfly Nail Art Stickers & 1x Butterfly Glitter Nail Sequins and all the essential tools that you needed to start building your dream gel nail extension. The 3D butterflies are finely made with quality materials for you to create any type of special butterfly design. This newly translucent kit is good for starter
  • πŸ‘ CRYSTAL CLEAR & UNCLOUDED - SXC Jelly Translucent Extension Nail Kit with LED Lamp is truly remarkable and one of its kind in the market. With our newly developed non-sticky formula. It is such a pleasing and fun experience. The colors are so CRYSTAL CLEAR with a tint of 10 different shades to give you a calm, refreshing, and exciting nail extension designs.
  • πŸ’… FUN TO LEARN AND EASY TO USE - We created this kit with ease to use in mind. With all the tools and butterfly Glitter Nail Sequins & Stickers and gels. You could get your gel nail extension done in no time at the comfort of your home. Just follow the simple instructions we included in the package or look for some advanced techniques on YouTube. You will have some so much fun and satisfying results to show off your friends!
  • 😱 LONG-LASTING EFFECTS - With the UPDATED formula. Your extension gel could last up to one month or longer with proper NAIL PREP(Filing, buffering, and cleaning). For even better results and lasting effects. You may apply nail dehydrator and primer after your nail prep. You may also refill your nails when the new cuticle area grows. You don't need to remove it and start it again!
  • ❀️️ NEW TIPS & TRICKS - You may use the Base COAT as a slip solution to smooth the gel while shaping. There is no need for a Slip Solution if you don't have one handy. Or you can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol for the same result. Just don't dip too much! Removing the nail extension is easy. Removing it is so easy! You just simply file a gel nail extension down and buffer it. Or remove it like a PRO by using a nail drill for faster and cleaner results!
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