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  • 2-in-1 under-desk design:Staying active has never been easier. Simply put our Strol 2 treadmill under your desk and enjoy a relaxing walk when you work. In addition, the 2.5 HP motor inside our treadmill also offers a speed up to 7.6 mph, allowing sweaty, heart-pumping runs.
  • Extra cushioning for your joints:A new level of cushioning and support is realized by the 8 pieces of silicone shock-absorbers inside our new Strol 2 treadmill, providing a lower-impact running or walking experience.
  • Handrail for extra support and safety: Unlike most walking treadmills that don't come with a handrail, our Strol 2 provides one you can grasp on, giving you more control during your workouts, or some support that helps push yourself to go another mile.
  • Intuitive knob for easier control:With our intuitive knob within your reach, you can easily adjust the speed of your run, staying in control from start to finish. And when you use Strol 2 under a desk, our remote control works just as simple.
  • Foldable and compact design:Taking up a small footprint, Urevo Strol 2 treadmill is designed to fit any room. Garage, basement, living room, balcony, and more, you can enjoy your run (or walk) on Urevo Strol 2 treadmill, and fold it up to a 56.7”x28.5”x6” size and tuck it under a couch.
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