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  • πŸ†• INNOVATIVE EAR WAX CLEANING TOOL: These q grips ear cleaner is a smart and innovative device, perfect for cleaning ears. Excellent corkscrew ear wax remover design manufactured with premium high quality soft natural silicone material to ensure the safety of your ear while using it. The 360 degree spiral design can clean and massage your ears thoroughly, helping you maintain a clean & healthy ear canal.
  • βœ”οΈ 3-in-1 EARWAX CLEANER TOOL: The black earwax removal tool comes with 3 replaceable heads designed for cleaning the different areas of the ears. From the large and oily earwax to the small and residual dry earwax in both the outer and inner ear canals.
  • πŸ‘ SAFE EAR WAX REMOVAL KIT FOR KIDS: The silicone ear cleaner has a soft and flexible spiral tip that is seamless and not sharp to make cleaning your ears easy and painless, protecting the ears without damaging the eardrums. Safer to use for kids and adults than your regular cotton, plastic, or metal q-tips.
  • 🌎 ECO-FRIENDLY & COST EFFECTIVE: The ear cleaning kit comes with 16 replacement silicone q tips that is reusable and easy to clean. It also comes in a portable pack to carry with you when you travel. Perfect for the entire family's ear hygiene.
  • ▢️ EASY TO USE: Clean your ears in 3 simple steps - insert, twist, and pull. Insert the spiral head in your ear, twist it like a screw in the direction of the arrow on the handle, and pull it out. The best and easiest way to remove your earwax. Simply rinse with water after use.
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