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About this item

  • ACRYLIC NAIL BRUSHES: Each brush’s custom shape with round waist are perfect for a smooth acrylic nail application. The pointy tips allow the monomer and polymer mixture to form into a ball and to spread evenly on natural nails.
  • FIVE SIZES: This acrylic nail brush set comes in five convenient sizes - #2, #4, #6, #8 and #10. The smaller sizes work best in creating 3D pattern such as flower petals. The larger sizes offer a sleek sculpting and spreading experience. It lets you create essential arch, as well as beautiful C-curve in acrylic nail application.
  • NYLON HAIR: This set is a cost-friendly option to Kolinsky acrylic brush thanks to its durable nylon hair. It is a great option for practicing and experiencing new acrylic nail application. The hair tolerates monomer and will last long when taken care nicely.
  • WOODEN HANDLES: The handles are made from natural wood handle with a coat of protective paint. It gives these nail acrylic brushes an easy and a lightweight grip.
  • VERSATILE: Not only does it work well on nails, these brushes can be used a art painting brushes. No matter watercoloring, rock painting or face painting, these brushes will deliver finest performance you need!
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