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About this item

  • ❤ Safe Material: Beautiful stickers are made of safe materials, are self-adhesive, do not require glue, do not damage the nails and can be used safely. This is lightweight and convenient to carry and easy to store. Waterproof, it can last for 4-7 days (one hour after the foil is finished)
  • ❤ How to Use: 1. File the nails in advance and push back the epidermis for better results. After cleaning the nails, do not the surface of the nails again! 2. Choose the appropriate size (cut to the correct size if necessary), peel off the transparent film, and then paste the nail polish sticker on the crossed white paper. *Note: Do not the back of the nail polish to avoid oil on the skin.
  • ❤ How to Use: 3. Place the round edge on the bottom of the nail and press it lightly. *Note: Do not apply to grids and cuticles. 4. Gently tear off the excess part and trim the edge of the nail. Press the nail surface repeatedly to exhaust air, and apply nail polish stickers tightly. Package Contents:1PC (including 22 small stickers)
  • ❤ Nail Art Decoration: This is the best gift for women girls. It can be used for birthday parties, Christmas parties, holiday parties and school parties. Ladies will love these cute nail decals, simple DIY decorative manicure!
  • ❤ Product Guarantee: We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and services. If you have any questions about the products, please contact us by email, and we will provide you with help and service within 24 hours.
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