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  • Smart Gravity Sensing Speed ​​Control: To avoid the risk of falling on the speed walking pad, this foldable treadmill has a built-in high-sensitivity gravity sensor that supports speed control, you will easily feel the front acceleration zone, medium uniform speed zone and rear deceleration zone, the entire The process is automatically controlled by your foot position.
  • Tail piece design safer, not only fashion design, more persistent secure user-friendly design. Trailing side running belt the full wrap, exposed than safer treadbelt
  • One-piece design, easy to fold out of the box, more convenient space-saving flat road and climbing 2 ways for the election, provided the flat road running and climbing two kinds of ways, you can choose your favorite way to exercise boththe intensity is different
  • From walking to jogging to running normally let you gradually adjust to enter the running state and can readily control the running speed or brakes to stop. (1.2 m long provided a magnetic safety rope, as long as it pulled away from the machine, the runway will quickly stop)
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