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  • Smart Gravity Sensing Speed ​​Control: To avoid the risk of falling on the speed walking pad, this foldable treadmill has a built-in high-sensitivity gravity sensor that supports speed control, you will easily feel the front acceleration zone, medium uniform speed zone and rear deceleration zone, the entire The process is automatically controlled by your foot position.
  • 61CM Gold treadmill, spacious and comfortable; 1250 × 450MM effective running area.Reply from Japan fine motor craft, silent, powerful, low energy consumption; 35HP peak power, so that every run have become a passionate journey, enjoy the tranquility of the Pentium at high speed.
  • With ergonomic principles, the use of silica gel inside the multi-directional deformation of the outer support, the kinetic energy into thermal energy or other energy dissipation, the high impact force between the running board and the spacer body, decomposition, thereby achieving a damping effect
  • Increase the innovative LED pedometer, so you can enjoy the thrill of running, but also can experience the walking movement, truly a multi-purpose, ultra-quiet smooth running, more peace of mind, movement ≤60 decibel sound, ready at homeunplug and run, do not worry about the neighbors to rest
  • Free installation fully folded, the chamber acting freely without contention, 3 seconds campaigns trip; golden ratio, vertical covering <0.3 m2, high density carbon steel body, with a strong power of the motor, 100kg load, tough and durable,security.
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