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  • Smart Gravity Sensing Speed ​​Control: To avoid the risk of falling on the speed walking pad, this foldable treadmill has a built-in high-sensitivity gravity sensor that supports speed control, you will easily feel the front acceleration zone, medium uniform speed zone and rear deceleration zone, the entire The process is automatically controlled by your foot position.
  • Stealth storage area is less than 0.5 square meters, can be used to open the free installation, Seiko quiet motor power, placed perpendicular to the corner, placed on the balcony, less than 0.5 square meters to fit, home health, not an area treadmillIt is a good treadmill
  • Full-touch LED screen, one minute to learn to use the treadmill at a glance dial button design, any instruction in one step.No difficulty without blind spots, both young and old, the whole family can be accessible to master.We think a small step, a big step to make it easy for you.
  • Music to accompany more run more Hey MP3 music playback, music run more passion.Seiko motor 3.0HP, gold horsepower, ultra strong quieter (power <1 degree per hour), Chang ran wide band, wide treadmill 500MM, open space runs more fun running
  • 6 drive interaction damping joint injury to worry about running it?6 the rubber cushioning a kinetic energy of every zone into heat or other energy, reduce the amplitude of resonance, the running board with a high impact force between the spacer body, decomposition, effective care of motion of a joint.
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