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  • Smart Gravity Sensing Speed ​​Control: To avoid the risk of falling on the speed walking pad, this foldable treadmill has a built-in high-sensitivity gravity sensor that supports speed control, you will easily feel the front acceleration zone, medium uniform speed zone and rear deceleration zone, the entire The process is automatically controlled by your foot position.
  • Acrylic full touch screen, a new touch, fashion experience, bearing cap 120kg, three-dimensional body with a steel frame, more durable treadmill, exercise more secure
  • Mobile Phone Tablet stand designed to provide mobile phones, tablet PCs to be placed, so you no longer bored while running, physical science damping system, like the Mercedes-Benz in soft plastic track
  • Free spacious and comfortable, double layers of diamond pattern running belt, suitable runway width, decided to be lenient comfortable degree of stability.Intelligent Technology CNC motor, strong inner core, a small space easily big twist torch,
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