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  • ❤NO NEED CURING & LONG LASTING: MODELONES Dip Powder System Kit doesn't need nail lamp to cure, saving time and money. Compared to traditional nail lacquer, gel polish, and traditional acrylic systems, it looks natural, is lightweight, and has impeccable shine. It can keep the nail art gorgeous and shiny for about 2weeks+.
  • ❤CREAMY COLOR NATURAL LOOK - The MODELONES dip powder kit formula is much thinner, so it doesn’t feel like you have anything on your nails.The dip powder resistant to chipping and cracking, breathable, water resistant with no damage to the nails beds.
  • ❤ DIPPING POWDER SYSTEM LIQUIDS SET: This set contains Base*1, TOP*1, Activator*1, Brush saver*1, Nail file*1, Liquids brush replacement*2.
  • ❤ UPGRADE PACKAGE & FORMULA FOR THE LIQUID SET: The upgrade bottle can keep the gel well , The brush is not easy to stick on the bottle with 2 brush replacement to extend using times and the new formula help your nails last longer.
  • ❤ ENJOY YOUR NAIL FUN: Just enjoy your nail fun with our dip powder nail kit and liquid set!!!
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