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  • ✨ Perfect kit: 2 pc jewel rhinestone picker dotting pen, 4000 3mm colorful flatback rhinestones.
  • ✨ High-quality products: The rhinestones are made of high-quality k9 glass, and the products are shining brightly. Ab colorful rhinestones with 12 new and unique models, ab coating is strong and shining.
  • ✨With these beautiful colored rhinestones decoration stickers, you can save a lot of time, you will no longer need to go to the nail shop to spend money to make nails, now you have these, you can directly DIY.
  • ✨ At leisure weekend, It must be a very interesting thing to make beautiful nails with your friends and leave a pretty golden flash in your manicure.
  • ✨ Wide range applications: rhinestone picking pens can be used for picking a variety of rhinestone products. Flatback rhinestones are suitable for use with nail art, or for facial makeup, clothing, shoes, mobile phones, etc.
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