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  • 💝MOROVAN MMONOMER ACRYLIC POWDER LIQUID SET: Morovan acrylic nail kit includes 3 colors acrylic nail powder (pink white clear), 120ml monomer acrylic nail liquid 4oz, nail glue, nail primer bonding protein, acrylic nail brush, clear coffin nail tips, nail forms, nail file, glass cup, so you can create a protective layer to strengthen your own natural nails, long-lasting for 3-5 weeks. Perfect choice for salon and home DIY use. Make unique nails with your great imagination!
  • 💝 NATURAL PINK ACRYLIC POWDER SET: These 3 colors acrylic powders in this acrylic nail kit are developed with a special blending formula, providing flawless consistency, superior adhesion, self-leveling and bubble-free application, while delivering exceptional strength, durability and natural-looking to nail enhancements. Optimized for all seasons. It dries within 5-8 mins, enough slowly to allow for corrections. Colors Stay Vibrant For Weeks!
  • 💝EMA MONOMER ACRYLIC NAIL LIQUID 4OZ IN THIS ACRYLIC NAIL KIT: The MMA-free acrylic liquid monomer in this monomer acrylic powder liquid set has a heavy odor, with the maximum strength formula with UV stabilizers to ensure color clarity and prevent yellowing or dulling. A ventilated place is recommended to reduce the smell. NOTE: the violet monomer won't bury the color of acrylic powders. The air-drying time is within 5-8mins, which allows you to make corrections.
  • 💝MOROVAN ACRYLIC NAIL KIT - EASY APPLICATION: To apply this monomer acrylic powder and liquid set, just pour monomer into the glass cup, dip into the monomer with an acrylic brush, dap some powders to take a bead at just-right powder-liquid ratio with the nail brush, and then apply them onto the nails. It can last for about 2-3 weeks even without the nail lamp curing. Moreover, the nail tips and nail forms can offer two ways of nail extension for you to meet various needs.
  • 💝1V1 CUSTOMER SERVICE OF MOROVAN ACRYLIC NAIL KIT: Bring your creativity to make stunning acrylic nails using this acrylic nail kit / monomer acrylic powder and liquid set. If you have any questions with this acrylic nail kit monomer acrylic powder and liquid set, please feel free to contact us, replacement and refund services are always available. We encourage you to share your nail ideas images! Enjoy your shopping~
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